Well folks it's just one more week to the Ozark Steel Guitar BIG SUPER EVENT.... Getting more excited every day.....Lots of great steel players and some marvelous entertainment for your enjoyment.. only $25 per day Fri & Sat and if you're coming for both days it's only $40.. A great deal for 9am-6pm entertainment......Sunday is free with a church service at 9:15 am followed by music till 5 or 6 pm. So come join us for lots of good music at the Stone Castle Hotel Convention Room, 3050 Green Mountain Rd, Branson, Mo
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Review of OzSGA Aug Jam 8-16-2015
Another fantastic day of music is over and all the players did a wonderful job. Even though there was only 6 players they made up for the lack of players with beautiful music. Players for the day were: Jeremiah Hanley, JoAnn Kreder, Mike Squires, Steve Melchi(who led the day due to Terry Bethel being under the weather and having out of town guests),
Marlyce Stockinger(Dobro), and David Dean White(Dobro) The backup band was Russ Burns on drums, Buddy Lewis on bass and sound tech, Dino Strunk was unable to play due to a previous engagement but Johnny Zazuliak stepped up to the plate and filled in with his accordion……Thanks John!
The day started shortly after 1:00pm with “Ladies Choice” and JoAnn Kreder playing a swing favorite "My Window Faces The South”. Next up was Steve Melchi with “Mansion On The Hill” while Buddy Lewis and Marlyce joined in on vocals. Marlyce chose to sing “Don’t Be Angry With Me Darlin”as the others took turns playing…. Beautiful voice Marlyce. Next to
perform was Cathy Smeenk singing "Once A Day" while David White started the round of playing..…fantastic Cathy! Jeremiah next chose to start with ”Amazing Grace”…. such a beautiful rendition Jeremiah…JoAnn’s 2nd choice was a lovely version of “The Waltz You Saved For Me”. Next up Marlyce sang “Sweet Dreams”…fantastic again.!.. Cathy’s next selection was a rousing version of “Y’all Come”….You managed to wake us all up…lol Jeremiah started the group off with “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” and was accompanied by Russ Burns on vocal and John Z on the accordion…It was gorgeous guys!…The last song before snack break was “Crying Time” and was lead by John Z on accordion….

After a 30 min break, JoAnn kicked off the second section with the lively and ever popular “Bud’s Bounce”! Mike Squires chose “San Antonio Rose” for his round and was joined by John Z on accordion and Buddy on vocals…Next was Steve Melchi who chose the fabulous “Danny Boy”. John Z was then asked to play and picked a polka version of “Waltz Across
Texas”...splendid John! Next Cathy sang “Me & Bobby McGee” while David started the round…Jeremiah chose to change the pace with “Milk Cow Blues” while Buddy joined in and sang 2 verses…JoAnn kept the pace with "St Louis Blues”…fantastic Jeremiah and JoAnn. Mike Squires started the next round with “Cold, Cold Heart”…while Steve Melchi chose a fabulous swing tune Buddy took the floor and sang “Send Me The Pillow” and Charlie Steichen sang “Make The World Go Away” followed by Russ Burns singing “Please Release Me”…outstanding guys! Cathy then chose “I Still Miss Someone” to sing on David’s round. Jeremiah then started off his round with "Together Again” while JoAnn chose the “Steel Guitar Rag” for her last round and Mike Squires picked “ Faded Love”….Buddy again stepped up to the mic with “I’m Crying My Heart Out Over You” while Marlyce sang harmony….Marlyce closed out the day with a beautiful version of “Amazing Grace” asking the crowd to join in on the last chorus!!!!
Thanks to all the players, band members, and singers who shared their awesome talents with us this afternoon…and thanks to all the officers for the work they do on the jams……also thanks to all the ladies who brought snacks for everyone to enjoy during the day! Thanks to the officers for all their hard work too! We hope everyone and more will join us for the next jam session on Oct 18th………GOODBYE TILL THEN & KEEP STEELIN”

Martha J Randall(Behind the Scene Promotions),
& Terry Bethel(OzSGA President

Review of Super Event #9-July 24-26, 2015
Well folks the Super Event was a great success!. All the players played their hearts out this years as usual….Thanks to everyone who played steel, the staff band, all the workers and vendors and guest artists…you all are important to the success of the show. Thanks to all those who came to hear the music for without you we wouldn’t have a show!…Larry Garrett got us off to a marvelous start this year, followed by the always lovely Janet Wise a favorite Houston, TX performer, then Clovis Richards an Oklahoma favorite, Hayden Bramlett played fiddle for Larry Garrett & Clovis Richards as well as Patsy Cox sang on Clovis’ set, next the lovely Linda Wright & her husband Richard on trumpet, followed by the terrific Ron & Opal Erickson, and Jerry & Donna Newberry who are favorites of the events…the morning was ended by Rick Crow and Wayne Morton who pleased the crowd as always with their twin steels..
After Lunch our illustrious President Terry Bethel started off the afternoon with a wonderful set and was joined by Richard Wright on trumpet,….He was followed by the great Johnny and Joan Cox. Johnny is now playing for Mel Tillis as well as the Baldknobbers and Joan is a sought after performer in TX. We hope you can both join us again next year. Next up was Wayne Link and his daughter Wanda Wall from Canada whom we also hope will join us again Then the incomparable Joe Wright who is always loved at the OzSGA Super Events. He is not only an awesome player, but sings great and amuses us all with his comedy. We hope Joe will be a mainstay for many years to come…next up was Bob Tuttle, and Louie Halford both are fabulous players...The day finished with Russ Weaver who relinquished his band duties as bass player to show us he was as at home on the Steel as he is on bass….The night closed with a great Beginner/ Intermediate Seminar hosted by Steve Palousek and Terry Bethel..Very informative evening even though I can’t play….
smile emoticon

Saturday’s starter was the fabulous JoAnn Kreder, Welcome to our family JoAnn and hope you’ll come back! I understand that JoAnn & Joan Cox played together as kids while their fathers played steel together. While at the jam they discovered they were the 2 girls playing together and had both taken up steel guitar They had not seen each other since they were "those" kids and now both play steel guitar and both are exceptional players!
Next up was Ted Emmons who was joined by his wife Lisa to sing for the crowd They were also joined by Jeremiah Hanley who assisted in a skit. Please come back Ted & Lisa…..After a beautiful set by Jerry & Carlene Roller, Robbie Springfield graced the stage and was joined by his friend & boss Billy Dean
(Robbie plays steel for Billy Dean over at the beautiful Starlight Theater in Branson You should go see the show if you get the chance…I loved it) and Gary Ash a fabulous singer who said if he had known he had to follow Billy Dean he would have said no….Ha....Next was the always loveable Eddie Lane then Dean Holman who also played Dobro for us, Dean is a regular with the Presleys’ playing Steel, Dobro and whatever else he can... The morning ended with Keith Hilton joined by two of his local band members playing along…Keith is the man behind Hilton Volume Pedal used by many of our players..Frank Warmbrodt sang on several different sets..
After a short lunch break, the afternoon was started by two greats, Mike Beasley, then the well loved favorite Joe Wright. Next up was Gene & Gayla Crane who are always favorites of the OzSGA crowds., then Steve & Donna Palousek, Steve is one of Terry Bethel’s all-time favorite players and Miss Donna sings like a bird!, Then Janet Wise joined us again for another beautiful set followed by another splendid player, Larry Baker & the beautiful voice of his wife, Jean Devore(Jean often sings with other players as well). Next up was the fantastic Mike McGee(another of Terry’s all-time favorite players), this time Mike was accompanied on vocals by not only Max King but also Joe Wright . Then Terry Wood was joined by his boss the marvelous Walenia. Closing out the day was Steve Melchi(who plays steel for Jeanie Kendall). Steve was also the host for the annual Sat night Jam Session which was a great success. This year saw 10 pickers joining in to provide a great night of musical pleasure for those of us in the crowd.
Sunday morning was started off with a wonderful church service by Jeremiah and Venda Hanley. With Jeremiah’s wide vocal range and the sweet melodic tones of Ms Venda, along with Jeremiah on steel & Venda on piano the crowd was well off to a great Sunday start. The Hanley’s have been holding Sunday Services for the Events for many years and we hope they will continue the tradition for many more!
The first performer of the day was Jerry Smythe accompanied by David Bennett on piano and Mike McGee on bass…
Again Steve and Donna Palouse pleased us with there talents followed by Keith Hilton and his local band members. Then Michael Todd Hermsmeyer and Stephanie Hall pleased the audience immensely, Michael Todd plays for Mickey Gilley…after Mike, Terry Bethel took the stage again and had some assistance from Jimmy and Starla Queen Jimmy played drums for the ISGC for years and Miss Starla can sing a rousing Western Swing song with the best of them hope they’ll join us again…next was Terry’s hero, Mike McGee again and the amazing Joe Wright closed out the show with an awesome set…Thanks to everyone for playing and singing your hearts out. Sorry if I missed any singers or players who made guest appearances on the show…..Looking forward to an even bigger show in 2016…..Keep on Steelin’…:)……….

Martha Jane Randall (Behind The Scene Promotions) &
Terry Bethel (President of OzSGA)

Dec 13

Members, family, and friends of OzSGA gathered at the Stone Castle Hotel at 1pm to celebrate the season and usher out the 2015 meetings with lots of Fun, Food and Fellowship along with great music! Each player was asked to play 1 or 2 songs and afterwards everyone joined in for a marvelous jam session. We had 18 players join us (Marty Neer, Clovis Richards, Jeremiah Hanley, David Dean White, Bob Tuttle,Jerry Smythe, Larry Gerdeman, Keith Hilton, Ted Emmons, Bob Harris, Jerry Newberry, Jack Musgrave, Eddie Lane, Terry Bethel, Stven Melchi, JoAnn Kreder, Mike Squires, and Ron Ericsson) along with our faithful band members (Dino Strunk, Russ Burns, and Buddy Lewis) and singers(Ted Emmons, Charlie Steichen, Eddie Lane, Cathy Smeenk, Larry Gerdeman)...the ladies again provided us with an outstanding array of food. Many attending were festively dressed in fun holiday fashions....:) The main room was full of guests....about 72 to 75 were present.

Charlie welcomed everyone then we had the Pledge of Allegience....Jeremiah & Venda began with a group sing of "Jingle Bells" and "Silent Night'….then Eddie Lane started the music with "Let it Snow" and Bob Tuttle blessed us with "White Christmas".....Jerry Smythe played a beautiful rendition of "What Child Is This?"...next Ted Emmons...played "Silent Night” on the steel and dobro…..Jack Musgrave then played "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear"….followed byDavid Dean White play[ng while Cathy Smeenk sang "Silver Bells"....We then had break time and everyone filled up on all the great food and desserts and had lots of fellowship.

The Jam session started with "Just Because” as each player took a turn with their version of the song…."Mansion On The Hill" was started by Marty Neer....Larry Gerdeman started the next round with "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"...Eddie Lane chose "Hang Your Head In Shame"...Clovis Richards selected "The Other Woman"…..and Stven Melchi played "All Of Me"....David Dean White along with Marty Neer, Jeremiah Hanley and Bob Tuttle did a rousing version of the ever favorite “Steel Guitar Rag".........Ted Emmons picked "Miles & Miles of Texas" and even sang for us...Charlie assisted with backup vocals.....JoAnn Kreder was the only female player to join us this time and did beautifully on "Cowtown Blues"…. Marty Neer, David Dean White, Bob Tuttle all played together on the lovely "Together Again"....Jerry Newberry started off with "I'll be Alright When I Touch Calvary"…….then Ron Ericsson chose to do "Faded Love".....after a short break the group sat back down for the last hour of music.....Johnny Zazuliak played accordian 1st with "In The Mood".....Marty Neer started…"Amazing Grace".......Jack Musgrave played "I Saw The Light" with Ted Emmons on Dobro......Ron Ericsson then chose "Way To Survive".....while Clovis Richards played with Frank Warmbrodt & Eddie Lane singing "Don't You Get Tired of Hurting Me" then Frank & Eddie sang "What a Way To Live" while Ted started it off....Eddie Lane then played "A Fool Such as I" ....David Dean White played & CathySmenk sang .."Once A Day" with assist from Larry Gerdeman.....Keith Hilton selected "Faded Love"......Ron and OpalEr icsson then sang, "Born To Die That I Might Live"..Dino and the band then played Ode to Billie Jo to close out the day....if I missed anyone or listed a song wrong I'm sorry...I promise to learn all your names soon...:)

Thanks to all the players, band and singers who made this an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks to Terry Bethel, Charlie and Rosemary Steichen, and Jeremiah & Venda Hanley for putting it all together and for all they do throughout the year. Thanks also to everyone who brought food. May everyone have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Winter Show which has been changed to March 19-20 in hopes of avoiding bad weather….:)

God bless you all....

Martha J Randall (Behind the Scene Promotions)

& Terry Bethel(OzSGA President)

2016 Spring Fest Review

The weekend was off to a great start when players and several others joined together to get the Room set-up and ready for guests to enjoy all the camaraderie, food and great music provided by some off the best steel players in this 5 state area. First player to open the festivities was the remarkable Keith Hilton. Keith has such a smooth touch on the steel and is also the founder of Hilton Volume Pedals. Keith was followed by Steve Melchi, steel player for Jeannie Kendall. Buddy Lewis sang Ace In The Hole , Crying My E​yes Out Over You & My Window Faces The South!..next up was Jack Musgave from Roger​sville, AR and played
​a​ fabulous set with a non-pedal steel. .Buddy Lewis sang Deep Water. Next was the ever lovable Eddie Lane..who played great as usual..Next was the fantastic Bob Tuttle who played for Ray Price in the late 1960's. Splendid player and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the set.. Larry Baker & Jean Devore were unable to make the show so the 1st standby player, Lee Ogle stepped in and did a splendid job, Thanks Lee! Mike McGee​ also​ played bass for Lee! Closing out the morning sessions was the only lady joining us​ for​ this show, JoAnn Kreder. Glad to see you again JoAnn....you did a wonderful job…:)

After a 45 Minute Lunch Break, the crowd gathered again to listen to more ​of the ​
marvelous music..First was a newcomer to our list of players, the young Jacob King...wonderful player....accompanying him on bass/vocals was Max King and lead/vocals was Mike McGee.,..we hope to see you back again real soon​! Next up was Terry's favorite player, Mike McGee. Mike was joined by the Awesome Ron Williams and Leona Williams​ for the first set.......and Max King..along with Travis Scott & Jason King​ on the next set​, great ​job​ Mike. Another newcomer was Steve Sanford from Mississippi singing with Steve was Country Jack Harper. Fantastic player and look forward to seeing him here again. Yet another new player was Ron Kyne a fabulous picker..and Ron Kyne Jr(4) what a little doll :-)
​He stole the show!​.... Ron was followed by Larry Gerdeman .with Johnny Cox on bass. Then Jerry Newberry played a beautiful set with Austin on bass, followed by , Austin Stewart and as always they were both crowd pleasers...closing out the first day was the super smooth playing of Terry Wood. After a break Mike McGee hosted a great seminar which was attended by ​several​ players.
Sunday started off with a beautiful Church Service from 9;15-10:00 AM hosted by Jeremiah & Venda Hanley First to the stage was Jerry Smythe who did a fabulous set! Next up​ was the super Dean Holman, who also played the Dobro. Dino sang a couple songs on his set Dean is doing a fabulous job over at the Presley's theater. Dean was followed by Austin Stewart who filled in for Terry Bethel who wasn’t feeling well..Fantastic picker and a splendid young man! Next was the incomparable Johnny Cox...with Dean Holman on Dobro. And Country Jack Harper sang Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me?....good to have Johnny on the show. He currently plays for the Baldknobber's show..rounding out the morning session was Larry Garrett. Great job Larry!

After the last player everyone(12 players David Dean Wright, Jeremiah Hanley, Dean Holman, Austin Stewart, Jerry Newberry, Larry Garrett, Jerry Smythe, Eddie Lane, Jack Musgrave, Mike Mc Gee, Steve Melchi, JoAnn, Kreder and the band, Dino Strunk on Lead, Mike Jackson on drums, Buddy Lewis on Bass & Eddie Asher sang while young Jacob King watched..
​look​ out guys!) set up for a jam session and spent the afternoon enjoying the time playing together at the Jam session ...
Thanks to all the players who joined us for a great weekend. Thank you to Terry and Charlie for all their great work. Thanks to all the ladies who provided us with all the yummy snacks. A big thank you to the Stone Castle Hotel for working with us to provide a beautiful place for our shows and jam sessions.

​ If I forgot anyone or misspelled a name please forgive me! ​A
And most of all thanks to all the guest for making this a successful Spring Fest...hope to see everyone for the April & June Jam sessions. And looking forward to seeing everyone at the July Super Event.....July 29th-31st 2016

​Martha J Randall (Behind The Scene ​Promotions
Terry Bethel (OzSGA President)

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