My love of music began at a very young age but I was always afraid of rejection so stayed in the background and sang to my record collection and at church. I finally took choir in junior high and really learned to appreciate music even more. Still I stayed in the background! As a teenager of 17 I joined my church choir. Much to my amazement the directer put me in 2nd chair for high soprano. I soon got together with 2 friends Mary and Karen and we started to sing as a trio in churches. I then decided to take guitar lessons, bought an inexpensive guitar and took lessons from a local priest who had organized a youth group of all denominations. Before I could finish I met my husband, got married and moved out of state. HOWEVER...
My husband was a huge country music lover and was involved with an entertainer in Detroit by the name of Eddie Jackson(my cover photo). My husband had introduced me to a whole new world and I loved it….We left MI and spent a short time in my home state of AR before moving on to Las Vegas then southern CA
Las Vegas was completely different for this little country girl but I loved it and CA too. We met many entertainers and made connections that little did I know would later come in handy!
After the birth of my son in 1971, we ended up traveling with carnivals. My daughter was born in 1972 and we continued to travel with the carnivals until time for my son to start school in 1976. during our travels one fateful night I won a Mel Tillis Album and 2 tickets to his show at the Panhandle South Plains Fair in Lubbock, TX….After the show Mel and all the band signed my album, which I still have, and I was hooked!! Again we met many stars in our travels and made valuable contacts that later became invaluable…..
After the encouragement of my dear friend Terry Bethel, I agreed to make a website for him(www.terrybethelmusic.com). He then insisted I start my own website to showcase my journey through life and music.
I’m still working behind the scene, this time for Terry Bethel, my new friend, Ralph May, and my Australian DJ friend, Mark Eckel. I hope you enjoy the photos and stories of this long and yet enjoyable journey and join me as I continue on……….MJ